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Keep Your Solar Running

We Provide Full Service Commercial & Residential Solar Maintenance Services Including Cleaning, Repair, Inspections, Adding Panels, True-Up Bill Analysis, EV Charging, Lease & PPA Financing, & More!

Our Services

We offer a full lineup of solar based services to suite everyone needs.  Whether you own a single family home with 8 panels, or a 2 Mw Solar Farm, we can handle it!

Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know that dirty solar panels can lead to solar cell, panel, and full system failure over time?  Especially in the Central Valley where dust reigns supreme, solar panel cleanliness is 

Solar System Inspection & Repair

Are you worried that your solar panels aren't working as they should or are under-producing? Let us take a look at it.  We'll conduct a full solar analysis for you and also check  on your production.

Solar Inverter
Diagnose & Repair

We’ll inspect, diagnose, repair, and if needed help you replace your inverter. All Solar Service Technicians are licensed electricians.

Solar Monitoring

Do you know what your solar produces everyday? You should! Monitoring is how you check that your investment is paying off.

Solar Battery Installation

Go OFF-Grid by harnessing the power of a solar battery, and create your own self sustaining Micro-Grid.  

Solar Warranty

Think or know you have a broken solar part that’s still under warranty? We’ll come out, place the replacement order with your manufacturer.

Solar System Critter Guard Installation

Critters and their nests can cause systems to stop working and even start fires due to chewed wires or water accumulation near electrical connections.

Solar Removal and
Reinstall for Re-Roof

Need to remove your solar temporarily for roof repairs or renovation needs? We are the best in the business.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Create a true fully integrated solar power system by adding Electric Vehicle Charging to your system.  Our experts can help you design & install the perfect EV Charging Station for You.

Lease & PPA
Solar Financing

We have unique partnerships and programs that can help everyone save on electricity and go solar.  Let us help you decide what is right for you whether it is a lease, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or Purchase, we can help!

True Up
Bill Analysis & Elimination

Is your existing solar energy system not providing you with enough power to offset 100% of your Power?  Did you just receive a nasty True Up Bill from your power company?  If so call us and we can help you find the right solution to eliminate True Up's forever!

OFF-Grid Power System Design, Installation, & Maintenance 

Cut ties with your power company for good, and create your own self sustaining Micro-Grid.  Contact us today for a free consultation regarding your unique electricity needs, and how going OFF-Grid can help you.

Meet Solar Expert & FSM Owner Mark Pitman

With a MS in Sustainable Energy Systems, Edinburgh University, Scotland, United Kingdom, & Over 10 Years of Professional Experience in the Solar Industry, Mark Is one of the top leading solar industry experts in California.


"My purpose is to serve you with my unique experience and skills."

Mark Pitman



Feel free to call or text us anytime at (559) 335-8200, we would love to hear about your solar maintenance & service needs, and how we can help!

With over 10+ years in the solar & renewable energy industry, we have seen & worked with thousands of different types of projects and industries, and would love to offer our expert opinion on how we can help your solar panels perform better.


We try our best to return all calls within 24 hours.


2607 W Shaw Suite 116
Fresno, CA 93711